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^_^ Picspam time, because it's Reina's birthday!

GAWD. Expressionless. But at the same time it's an image that says everything.

Now a pretty bitch face, which I love.

Monkey!! How can she does that without looking ugly?

This is TEH stfu face.

No comments XD

Making O! ♥ x 1000000

Duck? XDD

OH YOUR GOD, those eyes *dead and doesn't plain to reborn*

Kokoro!! ^___^

At the top yeah! And will take over the world, eventually.

One of the 'kawaii' signs the Morning Musume girls do I love the most *squee*

WINK!! A crazy one, ya-haa! And me loves it like crazy!

Skinny legs, but WTF! Her expression ♥

Yaguchi and Tanaka. Peace sign and 'genki' sign. Me = dead.

Whaat? The two yankii girls of Momosu looking cute? XDD

Now compare my two MM current girls's smiles XD

Pink never looked so good @__@

I absolutely LOVE when a girl does this when her skirt.

One of the few pics I loved from her third photobook

Aa! ^____^

Dorky look? 8D



Perfect picture. Only if it was less girly..

Reina can make look good crazy faces XD

Yankii! She looks so young ºwº

Everyone is gorgeous here. Yossie in pink (!!), Gaki without that killer-smile, Reina ♥♥♥, Rika looking sooo charmy XD, Miki molesting Konno, even Sayu doesn't look stuck-up XD

Reina's outfit seems like the one she used on Namida ga tomaranai hougako, just better *___*

^_^ Roman my dear boy line-up!

Orgasm Chu anyone~?

You see? Risa IS able to look great without that killer-smile! But Reina ♥


Much pink in this one. But I'm glad Reina didn't go with curly hair!

Heh XD from Indigo Blue Love perf @ Rainbow 7 concert I think?


Nyaa! Pyon! And all that annoying words XD

Reina's.. so tiny.. reminds me of Mari T__T

Sexy XD

Chu~ wonky party :O


Girly x_x

Pic of some perf. at Hong Kong

^^ mysterious look

Weird hair but cute smile XD

Save the earth O_o

HOW can she make any expression look good?!

The best means the end XD

I also drew a little Reina drawing. It hurts that she'll never see it XDDD *poor fan*

It took me 4 hours or something (I did the colouring in the school, began the lineart yesterday), I showed it to a few friends and they said there was something wrong.. somewhere, I think that too but I can't see what it's wrong, I wish there was some good critic out there XD. And, as always with H!P girls, I used reference pics. Someday I'll draw her by heart! XD

Gift: Reina icons for musicon100 challenge :D Last challenge I enter =___= at least this year xD
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