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14 March 2007 @ 05:57 pm
Moved to:
(I remembered the password, after almost three years)

Add me there please
12 January 2007 @ 05:36 pm
I was just thinking (miracle~ *__*):

Some expressions for showing your devotion/love? in the internet, in order of aparition:
- This rulz!
- This = Love. Replaced after with This = >3
- This rox0rz!
- This pwns the internet
- This is for the win. Replaced after with This ftw!

I know I haven't been at the internet too much time, but when you've got some years here you can easily see how people can change in matter of seconds.
Same thing applies when you're too much time in a REAL place O_o.

This sponsored account isn't useful. The big add occupes too much space, what I only love is the moodtheme XD
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31 December 2006 @ 02:22 pm
Sorry if I haven't commented on your entries, it seems like my computer doesn't recognize the hard drive, I haven't lost any files or anything, but it's like... the stupid hard drive doesn't know what is Windows and so it doesn't want to start XDDD FUNNY! XD

So T_T I won't be able to be online and spam people when the 12pm arrives ;___; BUT I'll have annoying music on the way, full volume, like the past two years :3

Speaking of end of years, here's a summary of what I've done each year @ 12pm, since 1996.

1996: Kissing relatives I ever knew about @_@
1997: Reading anime magazines and trying to draw anime characters XD
1998: Kissing & hugging relatives that, once again, I ever knew about
1999: Stalking my first crush
2000: With a walkman, listening to Black Sabbat
2001: Sleeping
2002: Freaking out inside my poor mind X__x
2003: Hugging friends
2004: Hugging friends, listening to About you (Ayu)
2005: Listening to Robo Kiss (W) :D

The good, the bad and what I didn't do on 2006:
- I'm almost finished with french, HUZZAH!
- Dramas obssesion kicked back again :D
- Started a dancing routine
- No more school for me, finally xD

- Lost ipod.
- Lost $200
- *can't think of anything bad right now*

What I still haven't done:
- Playing RO. I don't like how MU looks like, so I'll never think of playing that. NEVER EVER.
- Getting Zettai Kareshi manga, I want it so bad, but I haven't see any online store where someones sells it O_o

I hate the cybercafe I'm in, I demand a bigger place XD
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24 December 2006 @ 10:30 pm
Merry Xmas to everyone :)

It's totally funny how there are persons that dress up as Santa here, actually, it's summer here, and one of the hottest I must say XD
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19 December 2006 @ 05:18 pm
I feel really better now XD I tried Indigo Blue Love and Hare Ame Nochi Suki in my piano and, oh surprise, I got them! XD!I haven't played the piano for months so I was O_o; I'm only missing a few notes from the last parts of IBL, but in general everything's fine already ^^ I also got a Dahli book, I love that crazy man :3

Has anyone saw this week's Hello Morning? I haven't heard comments in the usual forums, and I have the tiny, strange feeling that it's for Aika x_o
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15 December 2006 @ 02:31 pm
Today was my last day of school.

The last time I'll use an uniform. I felt contradictory things O_o but in general it was aweeesome. Way better than last year. And I also lost my big chance to re-talk to the friend I miss the most XDD;; but I did talk to people I've never talked to :3!

I still have to go to school one more time, for the graduation and shit. I'll try to glomp everyone, at least 30 persons.

GUH, but I miss even more drawing. Next one is Kamei!
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11 December 2006 @ 09:22 pm
Wheee, I created a vox account. Just for practicying french. Like hyorin :3 (only that... she practices chinese, which is a thounsand times cooler XD)

It's weird that I write in french there, because their main users speak french XD
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07 December 2006 @ 06:53 pm
Soo finals started XD but I feel like blabbling a bit about H!P today.

C-ute is very close to be my favourite H!P group O___o I don't dislike any of the girls, not like in MM (... don't want to mention their names), maybe Maimai is a bit out of place, because she thinks she's sexy x_x but the rest are win win WIN. Maimi is my #2 H!P voice, only being beated by Miki. Chisato is the #4. Airi's okay, the kid is insanely cute and she lets the others to poke her XD Erika's okay too, she's been looking good lately, and has potential. Kanna is crack, when she laughs I die XD Saki, smile more! T_T And Megumi... a true star, but I don't want to talk about it ;__;

About lastest photobooks, wow @ Nono. Some fans of her have been disappointed, because the cute girl that was oh-so-shy when smiling, and SO FRIGGIN funny when talking in english is almost gone. But then, aren't all the old personalities gone? The most notable exemple is Goto. The only ones that haven't give a 180 degrees turn are 1st gen members. Nacchi continues on being silly and ii ya da-ing, Yuko is the yankee bitch I love, and Iida is uncoordinatedly beautiful as always, doing things at her own pace. I think that the fact that Goto was gone having so little time in MM, and then 6th gen came in (or more specifically, Sayumi 9___9) was the thing that changed MM's curse. Strange, Takahashi enters and Goto graduates two singles after. Did Tsunku feel that she had a new MM' voice? Well, it's true, but face, no, Nacchi was still the face of MM. Now, the leads of MM are always the same: Takahashi, Reina and Miki. Which reminds me of Nacchi-Goto-Rika trio. Anddd... this girl Koharu appears, and wotas like her, so why not to make her a lead? What you get? Aruiteru!

Berryz are never disappointing. Rumours said that Munasawagi Scarlet would be their first bad single. Hah, those anti-Berryz D: They've never had a bad song, like Melon Kinenbi. MKB follows a different trend, and hasn't been producing anything lately, unless we count the recent Best they did.

Funny how I start talking about a thing, and then I change completely the direction of it xD
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Nevermind the title x)

This weeks's been a pain in the butt -_- a test after another x___x, and also my mom wanted me to design the cover for her school's magazine XD I didn't remember how to work with 2000+ px images @_@

Tanaka Reina Alo Hello DVD on February 14th!! ♥ yay for alo hello dvds for my favourite members (being the latest one Yaguchi ^_^) *screams happily* XD

Am I the only one that finds creating moodthemes adictive? ._. Since the 6ki moodthemes I posted, I did as well 5ki >333, I'm only missing ten images for Konno, and I post them XD 4th gen is the next. And maybe... Risako o_____o *traumatized*
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25 November 2006 @ 02:59 am
From arrowisland: Winter is here. So time to post happy things! Post 5 things that make you happy (any way you want), then tag 5 people to do this survey!

- Languages. To me it's exciting o_o communication! ♥
- Doramas
- Drawing for long hours. And by long I mean at least 30.. do I have patience XD
- Days off :3uu
- Wearing glasses and hats XD

I tag you you you :D

Also, my dad bought a new keyboard and it's screwed up =_= it doesn't have the fucking ">" and "<" which are NECESSARY when doing html!
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23 November 2006 @ 11:15 pm
I hate when my classmates make such unnecessary noises. I mean, they babble for anything!

And by this post, I make all my friends non-friends only. I discovered I don't have any serious reason to do it. Quizás hasta escriba en español -_-
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17 November 2006 @ 09:43 pm

Happy birthday Tara aka arrowisland!

You are the truly awesomeness. And here it's the original picture in case you want to laugh at the mistakes XD I was REALLY tempted to draw Maimi (if you want an anime version of C-ute, I won't say no &heart;), but since when I draw girls I make them look older, I didn't want to ruin her, maybe when I have enough experience I'll draw her -____- Plus, this crappy drawing it's WAY different from the original pic, you all must know I don't copy drawings exactly, because I've NEVER studied how to drawing, let alone how to hold a pencil XD *ashamed* But it's Taka + sex, so I hope you, Tara, will like it ^_^

Technic info about the drawing: 2B, 25 hours & much effort T^T

My bunny had a baby today! XDDD only one, but it's big o_o and I saw how he/she borned T__T; my two bunnies are named chocolate and chocochip, so the baby will be... vanilla o_O?
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11 November 2006 @ 12:49 am
^_^ Picspam time, because it's Reina's birthday!
47 picsCollapse )
I also drew a little Reina drawing. It hurts that she'll never see it XDDD *poor fan*
insideCollapse )
It took me 4 hours or something (I did the colouring in the school, began the lineart yesterday), I showed it to a few friends and they said there was something wrong.. somewhere, I think that too but I can't see what it's wrong, I wish there was some good critic out there XD. And, as always with H!P girls, I used reference pics. Someday I'll draw her by heart! XD

Gift: Reina icons for musicon100 challenge :D Last challenge I enter =___= at least this year xD
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13 October 2006 @ 07:42 pm
My birthday went pretty nice, there in Macchu picchu *_*// a BIG BIG thank you to all the persons that remembered it xD ^___^

Did I drink? Yep, but not too much XD i'm soo lucky to say it :O
Got headaches? Yess, damn height.
Did I sleep? Like 3 hours every day o_o drunk girls singing at night aren't very helpful XDD
Did I like it? (stupid question XD) yes *__*

I'll post photos when my camera gets right =_= i took tons :3 i did the Usa-chan no peaceee thingy *shameful* ;_; stupid me XD my friends loved it of course x_X
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03 October 2006 @ 03:46 pm

From Eri and me XD hope you had a niiice daaay :D
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