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Happy birthday Tara aka arrowisland!

You are the truly awesomeness. And here it's the original picture in case you want to laugh at the mistakes XD I was REALLY tempted to draw Maimi (if you want an anime version of C-ute, I won't say no &heart;), but since when I draw girls I make them look older, I didn't want to ruin her, maybe when I have enough experience I'll draw her -____- Plus, this crappy drawing it's WAY different from the original pic, you all must know I don't copy drawings exactly, because I've NEVER studied how to drawing, let alone how to hold a pencil XD *ashamed* But it's Taka + sex, so I hope you, Tara, will like it ^_^

Technic info about the drawing: 2B, 25 hours & much effort T^T

My bunny had a baby today! XDDD only one, but it's big o_o and I saw how he/she borned T__T; my two bunnies are named chocolate and chocochip, so the baby will be... vanilla o_O?
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