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Sorry if I haven't commented on your entries, it seems like my computer doesn't recognize the hard drive, I haven't lost any files or anything, but it's like... the stupid hard drive doesn't know what is Windows and so it doesn't want to start XDDD FUNNY! XD

So T_T I won't be able to be online and spam people when the 12pm arrives ;___; BUT I'll have annoying music on the way, full volume, like the past two years :3

Speaking of end of years, here's a summary of what I've done each year @ 12pm, since 1996.

1996: Kissing relatives I ever knew about @_@
1997: Reading anime magazines and trying to draw anime characters XD
1998: Kissing & hugging relatives that, once again, I ever knew about
1999: Stalking my first crush
2000: With a walkman, listening to Black Sabbat
2001: Sleeping
2002: Freaking out inside my poor mind X__x
2003: Hugging friends
2004: Hugging friends, listening to About you (Ayu)
2005: Listening to Robo Kiss (W) :D

The good, the bad and what I didn't do on 2006:
- I'm almost finished with french, HUZZAH!
- Dramas obssesion kicked back again :D
- Started a dancing routine
- No more school for me, finally xD

- Lost ipod.
- Lost $200
- *can't think of anything bad right now*

What I still haven't done:
- Playing RO. I don't like how MU looks like, so I'll never think of playing that. NEVER EVER.
- Getting Zettai Kareshi manga, I want it so bad, but I haven't see any online store where someones sells it O_o

I hate the cybercafe I'm in, I demand a bigger place XD
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